Welcome to Lionne Jewelry!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my Jewelry blog. My name is Lionne and I decided to make this blog to discuss all aspects of gold, silver, diamonds and jewelry. I can also make some recommendations about other resources that you guys can check out online. I’m even not just interested in buying and selling gold pieces, but also the process of selling a rolex, selling diamonds, and other types of jewelry.

I’m doing this for educational purposes, mainly. Also, I like to contribute to anything I have an interest in. In this case it’s gold and jewelry. I’m also going to be trying to open up my own Jewelry shop in my home town some time in the near future and refer my customers here if they would like to read up about me.

I have a real interest in jewelry that sicks out – you know, out of the ordinary. One in particular that I love is jewelry with a claw, a tooth or something similar. Below is a collection of some I may be wearing more of this new year…. unfortunately, I don’t own any of these (YET) but will soon! I’ve always been drawn to this STYLE because of it’s unique and raw looking quality.
I’m not really a diamond kind of girl, with the exception of my wedding ring, I don’t wear a lot of shiny BLING (my brother does, he actually recently just traded in one of his fancy watches here: globalgoldandsilver.com/sell-rolex-nyc-brooklyn-nj). I pretty much only wear necklaces, bracelets & rings….no earrings. I think I only own 2 pairs, not sure why…. Anyway, this STYLE is super HOT right now!
Blow is a picture of something I’d really like: